Oakland students, families, and educators deserve leadership they can count on. As a school board member, I'll be guided by progressive values and take a practical approach to decision making. I believe we can ensure a great education for every child through collaboration, respect, and a commitment to putting students first.

Focusing on Student Success

My primary consideration will always be the academic and social-emotional development of every student in OUSD. We must do everything we can to dramatically improve student success. I will examine every policy and spending proposal through this lens and will be unwavering in my willingness to do what’s right for students. I am committed to:

  • A district-wide focus on literacy proficiency through a proven curriculum, extensive professional development, and well-resourced libraries
  • Curriculum and instruction that is personalized for each student and takes into account their unique abilities, interests, needs, and culture
  • Closing achievement gaps by ensuring we prioritize the needs of low-income students and students of color
  • Additional supports that ensure students are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to learn

Investing In Teachers

Teachers are the most important factor in a student’s success. They are talented professionals who deserve to be treated and compensated as such. OUSD must support our educators by ensuring they have the resources and professional development they need to be successful. As a board member, I will champion policies that empower teachers and oppose those that negatively impact their ability to be successful in the classroom. I am committed to:

  • Quality teachers in every classroom with a focus on ensuring our most experienced educators are serving our highest-need students
  • Reducing teacher turnover by working closely with educators to understand their needs and ensure they are well-supported
  • Ending unpredictable curriculum adoption cycles that don’t involve educators and make it difficult for teachers to deepen their practice
  • Looking for every opportunity invest more in teachers and make Oakland more affordable for educators through increased pay, incentives, and community support

Empowering School Leaders

I believe every school should be led by great school leaders. We know that creative, resourceful school leadership can create an environment where parents are engaged, teachers can excel, and every student can succeed. As a board member, I am committed to:

  • School leaders who make decisions about what’s best for their school community with input from families and support from the district
  • Using data as a tool for improvement and not as a punitive accountability measure
  • Fully resourcing schools and providing the flexibility they need to create a great learning environment for its students, teachers, and families
  • Expanding support for school-based budgeting so school leaders can invest in the best resources for their teachers and students
  • Quality professional development for school leaders that support their organizational and instructional leadership

Fighting for Justice & Equality

I believe a child’s destiny should not be determined by their zip code. For too long, we have had two OUSDs: one that serves the needs of wealthier families and one that is failing our low-income communities and communities of color. As a board member, I will fight to dismantle systemic racism in the district and address its long-standing effects on student achievement. I am committed to:

  • Closing gaps in educational outcomes by ensuring equitable distribution of the district’s talent and resources - with a focus on fully supporting schools serving communities with the greatest needs
  • Addressing underlying conditions gaps by prioritizing the needs of students most at-risk of falling behind
  • Dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline by reallocating school police funding, investing in Restorative Justice programs, and reforming school discipline with a particular focus on supporting young men of color

Leading Financial Reform

The district faces a financial crisis. Years of mismanagement, inadequate funding, and structural challenges threaten the stability of the district and lead to inconsistent delivery of quality education for our students. As a business owner and former education policy leader, I understand the complexities of financial management and have led efforts to reform budgets and spending. I am committed to:

  • Reducing waste and and restructuring the central office to move money where it matters most by prioritizing programs and spending that have the greatest impact on student outcomes
  • Holding the district accountable for every dollar it spends and ensuring transparency about all financial decisions
  • Applying my experience in contracting and procurement to ensure the district gets the best deal and stretches every dollar it spends
  • Fighting for additional funding at the state and local level by supporting efforts like Schools and Communities First and rallying additional investment from the philanthropic community

Working Alongside Families & Community Leaders

We cannot address the district’s challenges if we are divided. The next board of directors must work to repair the district’s relationship with families and the community. OUSD should reflect the values that make Oakland such an incredible place to call home: diversity, mutual respect, and collaboration. As a board member, I will work to end division and unite our community as we work to ensure the success of every single child. I am committed to:

  • Prioritizing progress over politics
  • Openness, honesty, and transparency for all district matters
  • Frequent dialogue with my constituents through monthly town hall meetings and regular communication on issues before the board
  • Community involvement and input on decisions at every level
  • Investing the entire community - including nonprofits, advocacy groups, business leaders, philanthropies, and local government - to work together to create a stronger OUSD

You can read my Community & Student Engagement Plan here.

Reforming District Leadership

The purpose of OUSD’s central office is to ensure that schools, school leaders, teachers, and students have everything they need to be successful. Unfortunately, mismanagement has led to wasteful spending that takes money away from mission-critical programs that benefit students. As a board member, I will work closely with district leaders to reform organizational practices and create an healthy, supportive central office. I will ensure effective board policy does not get “lost in translation.” I am committed to:

  • Holding leaders accountable for progress towards the district’s goals
  • Clear plans of action that align spending with a vision for OUSD
  • Ending OUSD’s reliance on outside consultants and costly programs with no clear tie to student success

Charter Schools

The board has not approved a new charter school since 2016. I believe we need to focus on stability and quality and will not support the creation of any new schools - district or charter. With the passage of AB 1505, the board now has greater ability to manage charter schools. I believe we should support collaborative, transparent, high-performing charter schools that accept all students and I will oppose those that are underperforming and not working well with the district. I am committed to:

  • Clear policy about the role of charters that ends the competitive relationship between district and charter schools
  • A collaborative relationship between district schools that raises the quality of education in ALL schools
  • Ending co-location of charter schools with district schools and ensuring every school has a reliable facility

District Infrastructure

Oakland has twice as many schools per student compared to similar districts and an average number of students per school that is well below the definition of “small schools” from the NEA. If we can work with under-enrolled, under-resourced school communities to design a combined campus that is more diverse and better resourced while maintaining small classes size, I believe families can and should support those plans. I am committed to:

  • Better management and communication about decisions to make changes to district infrastructure
  • Community-led and transparent processes for designing new schools resulting from changes to the facilities plan
  • Evidence-based decisions on the benefit of proposed changes and at least one full calendar year to plan for proposed changes